Revisions Unapproving without Action


(Maggie Brown) #1

Has anyone experienced Revisions that are Approved act as if they are Unapproved and not create jobs?

Since testing, we have experienced parts with Approved Revisions and full part/MOM structures that suddenly stop creating jobs against demand - we found that the only solution to solving the problem was to (not kidding either) - go into the part:

  1. Unapprove the Revision
  2. Save the record
    3.Close out of the Part
    4.Go back into the Part and re-Approve the Revision.
  3. Save - re-run MRP - job created without any issues.

We do not have any customizations pertaining to Revision; Epicor cannot replicate the problem nor have they heard of it before.

Has anyone experienced this? We are in 10.1.500.9



(Ernie Lowell) #2

The only thing I can suggest is enabling your logging on MRP and then seeing what the message says when it fails to create the job. Even not saying anything (as if it created the job correctly) says something.

And when it happens, BEFORE you fix the revision, can you manually create a job with that part? Does that give you an error message?