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(Mark Wonsil) #61


If you set a trace on a Part Description search, it may show you the format for the Where clause there.

Mark W.

(Jose C Gomez) #62

whereClause is SQL Style Field=XX

(Lee Fry) #63

Thanks Guys… for some reason I was over thinking it all- I didn’t even consider that it would be the same as the SQL standard! /FacePalmsSelf :blush:

(Ben M) #64

How are you performing the GET request using the URL in your code? I’m trying to use $.ajax() in a simple test intranet page but am having issues retrieving the data.
Any assistance you might be able to provide would be helpful!


(Joshua Giese) #65

Use PostMan application for your specific language it will give you the code. If you are using jquery there will be plenty of examples online of how to perform an async get request using ajax. Make sure you use the RestAPI documentation pages within the application for the URL paths you need to call copy and paste makes life easy.

(Ben M) #66

Thank you for the PostMan recommendation. That’s a great tool! I’m able to get it to work in the Chrome version with no auth, and in the native version with SSL-verification disabled, but not in my test script. I’m wondering if my problem is on the server side. I’ve tried everything I know of but I keep getting either 400 preflight request errors or 401’s.

Anyway, thanks for your helpful response. I’ll keep chipping away at it!


(Aaron Moreng) #67

Sorry if I’m way behind, but we finally got our DEV environment configured to accept SOAP API calls according to the example in the WCF developers guide.
Is there any harm in trying to setup the REST API preview in addition to the SOAP configuration?
I would hate to start developing our integrations in one way if another way is the future/preferred way.

(Joshua Giese) #68

You should have no problem running both.

(Aaron Moreng) #69

Does the payload still go through the Epicor business logic layer or does it hit the database directly?

(Joshua Giese) #70

Goes through the normal channels like any other external service Epicor provides just like the webservices.

(Bart Elia) #71

All the endpoint stuff is correct as said above. Check out the ‘networking options’ in the help. We did a lot of work in there explaining why to choose what, etc.
We use WCF for the standard clients - choose one of each - net.tcp, http, https.
For REST we use a different url endpoint (Note the /api in the url) and use WebAPI, not WCF.

Both of these technologies route to the same business objects. The wrappers change, the BOs stay the same. Over time we are talking internally about some REST optimized routes through the server but nothing to advertise at this time.

(Joshua Giese) #72

@Bart_Elia SAFE HARBOR SAFE HARBOR! lol :slight_smile:

(Bart Elia) #73

Comments are my own and not an endorsement by my employer :wink:

(Ben M) #74

Ended up being a silly web.config problem on the intranet side. All works fine now, thanks again for your help!

(Marvin Horst) #75

This is really cool thanks for sharing. I plan to use this.

I have found a bug in the help when using the “Switch to Custom list” link I get an unresponsive script message, at this location.

Is there someplace ww can submit bug reports?

(Bart Elia) #76

There is a timeout issue we are working on that Swagger takes forever to build the help page meta for huge services - lots of methods, lots of tables, lots of columns. fyi - Swagger is a project common on the internet for describing REST APIs. MS Azure uses for example.

We may need to work with the swagger dealing with our larger API surface. It’s in scope for 10.2 but nothing to report yet…

(Olga Klimova) #77

try to use another browser, like Chrome x64 or Opera.

(Bart Elia) #78

Olga is correct - this building of the doc page is faster in different browsers. Which one are you using when you received the error? (and version)

(Marvin Horst) #79

I’m using Chrome 64bit. Whatever was causing the issue has gone away and I am not experiencing this problem anymore. My Chrome browser was recently updated or possibly my server has become more responsive.
:slight_smile: Thanks for the input.

(Bart Elia) #80

Good to hear. Just finishing the labs for Insights. So excited to give the 4 hour extended ed and 1 hour labs.