Resource calendars exceptions

(James McKinnon) #1

We are reconfiguring our resource groups/resources to simplify our planning.

Historically we had resource groups as being groups of machines, with any specific machines that were only capable of doing a certain job specified on the route. This is how we thought we wanted to plan/schedule at go live, however this is probably a level of granularity that we don’t need/can’t support. What we really need to do at a simple level is compare shop load for a resource group/operation against known capacity. In principle our available capacity in any given area is (number of people x working hours in the calendar)

I have linked all of our employees to the relevant resource group as resources. I have created a new machine calendar with zero hours and linked all of the previous machine resources to this. If I run the shop load reports I get the correct capacity - (example 3 machines on machine calendar, 7 people on default production calendar my capacity is based on the 7 people)

However what we would like to do is use the resource calendar to manage known exceptions - if someone is going to be on holiday for weeks we put those days in an as exceptions against their resource record.

I have tried putting exceptions in, both with hours checked and hours unchecked but it seems to have no impact on the available capacity in the shop load report. What I am looking to try and do is make a day a non working day at the resource calendar level, much the same as can be done in the production calendar level.

I have also tried putting the same calendar exceptions in at the employee level, but to no avail.

Can the resource calendar exceptions work to influence the available capacity from a reporting of available capacity perspective.

If anyone has come up with an elegant solution to manage this type of thing it would be appreciated if you share. Similarly if there is an expectation on calendars specified on resource groups, resources etc or any other field that may influence this I would welcome any guidance.