Quote Entry -Create Sales Order, launch Sales Order Entry?


(Mike Chernecki) #1

When in Quote Entry and you select “Create Sales order” from the action menu, the Quote Order Wizard is launched. After clicking create, a popup display with the newly created Sales Order number. Is there a way to automatically launch the Sales Order Entry screen with the newly create Sales Order loaded?

(Calvin Krusen) #2

Did you try right clicking on the new Sales Order number and using “Open With …”?

Or did you want it close the Quote Entry, and open Order Entry with that order pre-loaded?

(Calvin Krusen) #3

Whoops … didn’t realize the Sales Order number that is shown is not in field.

You could make a BAQ to find orders that were made from the Quote Number, and then create a BAQ search for the Order Entry, based on the supplied Quote number

(Mike Chernecki) #4

I will take a look at the BAQ search. Our Sales guys don’t want the extra effort and want the Sales Order Window to automatically popup when the Order is created.

(Calvin Krusen) #5

I think the easiest thing would be to make a BAQ and dashboard then embedd the dashboardon the Quote form (use the SHeet wizard),

It would show every Order that was made from that Quote. And the user could just right click on the OrderNum, and “Open With …”



(Daryl Hewison) #6

A couple of years ago I was asked to create an extra button for this quote to order wizard screen that did “Create and open new Order”, just as you’re asking.

It worked fine as long as the Sales Order Entry screen wasn’t already open. If the user DID already have the screen open it became quite complicated handling what to do about it, and the project stalled at that point for that reason. It is all quite possible, I think, but for us it didn’t really end up being worth the effort, and we re-organised our procedures instead, mostly by making outstanding quotes more visible in the Sales Order Entry process and handling the creation from quote at that end.

(Mike Chernecki) #7

Thanks, I will ask Sales if this will work for them.