Purchase Order Form - Logo Toggle based on plant


(Chai Chang) #1

I have a situation where I have multiple different plants with their own company logo. The different logo is due to their branding because these plants used to be separate companies. On the form, I can toggle the images/logos depending on what the value is. However, doesn’t seem like a PO is specific to a plant is there? I just need something that can tell me that this PO was created from that Plant to do the toggle. Anyone run into similar situation and can shed some lights?

(Dan Edwards) #2

You should have the following dataset and I believe that CurrentPlant would be what you want to use.

I have seen this MIA once in a while but can be added by a SYNC (ugh) or adding using this -

=“SELECT T1.[ClientType], T1.[ProcessId], T1.[AssemblyName], T1.[CustomizationId], T1.[CurrentUserId], T1.[CurrentCompany], T1.[CurrentPlant], T1.[CGCCode], T1.[RowMod] FROM CallContextClientData_” + Parameters!TableGuid.Value + " T1"

(Chai Chang) #3

Thank you so much. I will take a look. Did not see that, so will use what you sent and do a sync.