Private Messaging turned off?

(Jose C Gomez) #21

Yeah I mean those numbers are kind of “built in” we can change them to fit our community better. But frankly it hasn’t been an issue… I don’t think most users care that much.
I think the point is the more active and wide you participate the higher the ranking. a V8 user may not visit E10 topics. But the V8 topics are much lower so even if they see everything in V8 category in the “grand” total of the site they are not that active… IDK

(Brandon Anderson) #22

yeah, you just can’t win no matter what you do…

(Rob Bucek) #23

I see valid points all over the place. However TL3 status is for all intensive purposes moderator level privileges and with that comes a lot of responsibility, and the ability to do more than enough damages. We don’t need that achieved by anyone gaming the system, and therefore isn’t given out lightly. The prize at the end of TL3 is not the ability to PM, nor should it become a play the numbers game to get there. The nature of the public community is to share and post and converse publicly. Each and everyone of us can use email, and other means to chat privately with other community members if you really need to, and ‘need’ in my opinion is a stretch or subjective at the very least. We’ll review the levels however but having the ability to PM isn’t what this is forum founded on or should be a focus.

(Brandon Anderson) #24

How can you share that without PM?

This may not be possible, but can there be a feature for contact sharing that isn’t PM? Maybe like a dating site where both parties have to agree before e-mail are exchanged?

I agree with this!

(Rob Bucek) #25

I never subscribed to being adverse (low level paranoia?) to sharing my email in the pursuit of business, with peers, especially inside a community of professionals of high quality and standards such as the ones that exist in here. I can demonstrate techniques to type out your email if you’re not familiar with them that will prevent automated bots from collecting and spamming you if you are interested :smiley:

(Calvin Krusen) #26

please do. You can email them to me at



(Mark Wonsil) #27

MyEmailAddress.txt.minilock.txt (964 Bytes)

If you kids want to play with some easy crypto…in Chrome, download the extension. Follow the directions to create a key. This is mine:


To send a file to me and only me, drop a file (maybe it contains an email address…) on the app and insert my MiniLock ID (can send to more than one MiniLock ID) and take the resulting file and upload it. I entered my email address in a text file and sent it to a single MiniLock ID. It’s encrypted and only be decrypted by the user’s MiniLock ID and pass phrase. Just download the file (remove the ‘.txt’ at the end since .minilock isn’t a valid extension right now here in the group) and drop it on the app. Open it up and you’ve exchanged email addresses.

However, Rob’s point is valid. If conversations break out offline, you lose the real value of the group and all of that knowledge is locked up.

Mark W.

(Brandon Anderson) #28

Where’s the frequent flier lounge!!!

(Jose C Gomez) #29

Here you go Lounge
It’s kinda lonely inthere

(Jose C Gomez) #30

It is now! Thanks @Mark_Wonsil
neat.txt.minilock (1.5 KB)