Priority Dispatch Report

(Ned Cleary) #1

I am getting an error

“Corrupt Next Peer Assembly Pointer JOB: I63574 Assy: 1 Pointer: 8”

I can find the job in job entry, and I can find Assy 1, which I assume is assembly 1, but what is pointer 8?

Also, there is no assembly 8 or 9, but there is 10-16, 2-7 are subs of 1 but the others are their own with no subs.


I am assuming the pointer: 8 is looking for sub-assembly 8, which doesn’t exist because I assume someone deleted it…

(Bruce Ordway) #2

Not sure this would work but I would be curious to know if removing the job from the schedule and rescheduling would allow the report to start working.

(Ned Cleary) #3

Thanks, we had actually tried that and it did nothing, I shouldn’t say did nothing, we weren’t able to remove it from the schedule.

The end solution we did, was something that I don’t think is described correctly, but this was the description.

when I deleted operations in inventory job I63574 it created an error so I changed to open and reports ran.