Print PO, but include only "open" lines

(Thomas Dejager) #1

using SSRS and Report Builder, is there a way to exclude from printing/previewing all the line items on the PO that are closed? I would like to create a separate Report Style that PO prints only the open lines .

(Joshua Giese) #2

Is it for internal use or to be sent to vendors just curious?

(Pierre Hogue) #3

You can acheive this using conditionnal printing on the line (visible based on expression)

(Thomas Dejager) #4

Strictly Internal use.

(Joshua Giese) #5

I would build dashboard for Open Lines then I have one we use for knowing what purchasing needs to follow up on.

(Dan Edwards) #6

Doesn’t the standard PO Status under Executive Analysis - Status Dashboard already show this? You can just click refresh and then just filter on the open lines.

(Thomas Dejager) #7

The purpose behind this request is from a receiving point of view. If there’s 10 lines total on the PO and 7 have already been received, the receiving personnel would prefer to print a hard copy of the PO that only contains the open 3 lines versus the entire PO. Labeled for internal purposes only, and wouldn’t have a total listed on the bottom

(Mike Chernecki) #8

I recently created a new report style for printing a PO Receiving Worksheet. In this case I did not care about a line being open or closed. I did a sum(RelQty) and sum(ReceivedQty) and dispalyed the difference as a back ordered column. Then I hide the row if the Sum(ReceivedQty) was greater than or equal to the sum(RelQty). I calculated these values from the PORel table which also shows the status as C-Closed or O-Open.

(Thomas Dejager) #9

Mike, interesting idea. What steps did you take in report builder to hide rows that fit your criteria?