Payroll Module: Paystubs and eMail

(Brad Rush) #1

Hi all, new here. We are migrating from E9 to E10.1 and will be going live in a month or so. Our company was (and still is) in the stone age with paper everything. In fact, we have been on Vantage to Epicor etc for the last 18 or so years and was never using the product right. With the help of the Epicor staff, we were trained correctly on v10 and will soon be changing tons of business processes to better use the software. I am fairly new to the company as the IT manager and have been tasked with what seems this daunting move. All this said, have a big need for Payroll emailed paystubs and the Epicor staff is searching, but recommended me come here.

We are wanting to send our data somwhere weekly (or develop in house unfortunatley) so that our employees have access to either emailed paystubs weekly or an online portal to view them. Every company I have worked for previously has some 3rd party solution that did this, however, this was with Quickbooks. I am not easily finding any solution to integrate with Epicor. The bank we use does have direct deposit if we send them the file in the right format (NACHA) however they only deal with disbursing the money to the various banks and accounts. We have a full department of accounting and payroll staff so we are not looking for a full payroll solution just the paystub portion. A few companies I have worked for previously sent the paystub via a password protected .pdf (but I still think this was through some other solution).

Has anyone had success getting employees access to a paystub other than a paper copy from Epicor? Any help and guidance is appreciated as we want this to go live with our v10 launch April 2.

Thanks so much!

(Jose C Gomez) #2

Using the payroll module in epcior you can use breaking and routing to automatically email the paystub to each employee as PDF


(Brad Rush) #3

Thanks so much for the response! Was hoping someone would give me a touch of hope lol. Do you have any more information on how to do this? I’ve asked the Epicor team as well in case they can link me to some documents etc that explains this process etc. I appreciate the help and insight Jose!

(Jose C Gomez) #4

I mean there isn’t a whole lot more to say. The epicor payroll module has “paper”/“PDF” stubs which run via an SSRS report.
You can use the advanced print routing to send those stubs via email instead of printing them