Part Profitability

(Cathy Henricks) #1

Can someone tell me what report works best for part profitability? Again, I’m new to this program and company and I want to get information on profitability and I’m not finding what I need.

Thank you

(Rob Bucek) #2

I’m fairly certain there was an out of the box Gross Margin report in Financial under AR Reporting.

(Cathy Henricks) #3

From what I’m seeing with running that report is appears to be using estimated cost not actual cost. I’m looking for something that uses actual cost.

(Jason Woods) #4

The InvcDtl table has price and the 5 cost buckets of “actual” cost. Note that this value is using the cost method if pulled from stock, but the actual if shipped from a job.

(Cathy Henricks) #5

Thanks for your response - I will see if I can pull together a report for what we need.