Part Markup for quoting


(Andrew Koemm) #1

I am having trouble with this. How can I set a standard cost for material for quoting purposes.


(Brandon Anderson) #2

did you try cost adjustment?

(Andrew Koemm) #3

I did, but it did not effect the quote worksheet.

(Brandon Anderson) #4

did you get details?

(Brandon Anderson) #5

Also, a cost adjustment won’t change the cost on the quote worksheet after they are already there. It locks in the cost at the time. You would have to clear the details and get them again for the new costs.

(Brandon Anderson) #6

And, it looks like the quote costing respects the method set up in the part master. So if you average costing the part, the manufacturing details comes in with average. If you are standard costing, than standard.

If you are average costing, but have never bought something, you can make a UBaq to set the average cost without having to make a part transaction. Since you would have 0, this would basically move to whatever you buy it at when you actually receive it.