Packlist forms - Country of Origin

(Chai Chang) #1

I am modifying a copy of the Packslip SSRS form. I want to add the Country of Origin from Part Maintenance to each line item. I went into Report Data Definition, made a copy of PackSlip and from the Part table, I did the exclusion with CountryNumDescription, ISOrigCountry, and ISOrigCountryNum. I saved the data definition, went to Report Style Maintenance and copied the Packslip report and change data definition to the new data definition where added those 3 fields. Finally did a “Sync Dataset” and downloaded to my desktop to work on.

The issue is I don’t see those 3 fields showing up in my Part dataset in SSRS. Am I doing something wrong? I know there’s the ShipCOO dataset, but this seems to be Country of Origin at the shipping entry level. I want to pull the COO for each part since we have different COO for each part at the line level. Any ideas?

(kent reardon) #2

the shipcoo should be each line since the key is pack and line I believe it is populated when the pack is marked as shipped, did you add a relationship for the part,the record is in the rdd but i don’t see the part in a relationship. personally i never do a synch dataset, brings in too much needless data. try adding by hand

(Chai Chang) #3

Thanks kentrreardon. I did use the ShipCOO, but seems like that’s for the entire packlist and not part by part from Part Maintenance since that’s where we keep our Country of Origin.

The other thing is a lot of people and even Epicor suggest I don’t ues the Sync Dataset and add by hand. Sorry, I am new. When you said add by hand do you not use the “Report Data Definition”? I was taught to use that (embedded Education) if I want to add fields or additional tables, then go to my SSRS report and do a “Sync Dataset”. When you add it manually, are you adding the dataset in Report Builder?