New BPM question: Checkbox, Print report, auto uncheck checkbox

(Adam Szymanski) #1

I’m trying to use the designer without custom code to do the following:

In Job Entry, user:

  1. Checks checkbox01, clicks “save”
  2. Data Directive (standard) sends a report to print
  3. checkbox01 gets unchecked

Steps 1 and 2 work fine, but I can’t figure out 3. Should I be using method directive? If so, what order / how would you accomplish this?

(Theodore Koch) #2

This post should give you an idea on how to get it working.

(Joshua Giese) #3

What does your uncheck code look like? at the end of your data directive you should be able to just set checkbox01 to false after your condition is met. The context you’re using this in, you’re using CallContext right not an actual UD field?

(Adam Szymanski) #4

Thank you. I was trying to access the UD field instead of the CallContext one.