Multiple users in PO Suggestions

(Elisha Cameron) #1

Our Company currently runs PO Suggestions in a way that only one person can operate in it at any given time during the day. Multiple users can select items, but if one person clicks Generate it picks up all lines that are selected regardless of who clicked Generate. I have heard that it is possible to run PO Suggestions by individual users rather than plant specific.
Does anyone know what needs to be set up for this to be possible? We have 3 users on site who would prefer to be able to use PO Suggestions at the same time, and this is currently unable to occur. Thanks in advance.

(Brad Boes) #2

It sounds like you only have one buyer setup and all the users are linked to the one buyer as authorized users.

What you are describing is setting up multiple buyers and then you can indicate the buyer on the part class or the part/site.

You will still want to setup the authorized users so the buyers can back each other up if needed.

Brad Boes

(Rick Stannard) #3

Elisha, when you click Generate from the Actions menu, there is a dialog box that pops up. In this box you tell the system to generate purchase orders for all buyers or just the current buyer.