Multilple E-mails without anonymous authentication

(Jose C Gomez) #21

Now that’s some awesome stuff right there. Moving to Experts’ Corner

(Chris Conn) #22

I’ll admit, this was post was #TLDR but… A super easy way to do this just buy an SMTP service, then use code mailer (not the built in). You can modify the message any way you want, Change the display name, change the reply to, hell, if your service allows it, set the from address to anything you want.

I am sure a more versed IT person can give plenty reasons why you shouldnt do this.

(Thomas Curtis) #23

Thats what this does. For free (within the scope of your Office 365). We use it for Epicor, APM, internal web service alerts. It will work with any system that does SMTP.

(Ian Castellanos) #24

Awesome! Thanks for the detailed write-up.

I was wondering where this went as I didn’t see it in my notifications for some reason.

My issue was putting in the email domain instead of local domain in that step above.

(Chris Conn) #25

And thus we see one of the many benefits of reading :stuck_out_tongue: