Modify Posting Rules Acting Strange

(Theodore Koch) #1

I’m not sure if anyone can shed light on this, or how to make it work again. I’m trying to modify the Header Rule Posting Rule in COSAndWIP GL Transaction Type. However I cannot access COS, Labor, PartTran from the context menu anymore?

(Theodore Koch) #2

It looks like you have to change the For Each under the Selection tab to PartTran and then it becomes available in the context menu.

(Rakesh Sambhavamani) #3

hello @tkoch ,

I got a similar situation as explained below . Any ideas on it ?

We have created a new posting rule on the COS/WIP to update couple of UD fields on the Gljrndtl and Rvjrntrdtl . The rule contains only the lines to update the UD fields and nothing else. Its selection is given as for each Parttran, since we are taking information from the partmaster for the UD fileds. The reference entity is given as COSAndWIP-Parttran-Detals.The values are getting populated when we are looking at the PE log but its not hitting both the Rvjrndtl and GLjrndtl tables.

If we give the same operations inside any existing rules , it works fine .