Is it possible to import/export a report in Financial Reports Designer

(Mike Abell) #1

We had a user accidentally delete a column set of the Balance Sheet report in Financial Report Designer and I cannot figure out how to get it back without restoring the database over LIVE which is something I do NOT want to do. I have a copy of the Balance Sheet report that is good in my Test Database but I cannot figure out how to export it out and re-import it back into LIVE. Is this possible? How can I get my Balance Sheet report back to the way it was without having to restore the DB? Thanks in advance!!

(Jaicker Avila) #2

Just use the paste insert functionality in the Row List sheet datagrid

Copy rows from test and paste insert on production report designer

(Mike Abell) #3

OK, I’m gonna give that a try. Thanks so much!

(Mark Wagner) #4

You will have to create a column set first before you can paste/insert the rows as the rows need to belong to a column set

(Calvin Krusen) #5

FWIW - The Financial Report designer is not very Copy and Paste friendly (at least V8 wasn’t for report rows)

Some things I ran into…

  • Account Category - Grid displays the Category Description, but requires pasting the Category code
  • Row numbers - Can’t “insert” rows. Meaning that the newly pasted row number must be higher than the highest row. Errors happen, stoping the paste of further rows
  • Specific Accts instead of Acct Category.

(Mark Wagner) #6

Mike if it is just a row you need to add back, in the financial report designer click on New Row. Make sure the row line number is changed to fit between any existing rows and you can reinsert that row back into your report without starting from scratch

(Mike Abell) #7

No, it was a column set that got deleted. I was able to copy/paste from my TEST database and that fixed it right up. Thanks to all for the help!!

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