Introduce yourself!

(Ernie Lowell) #41


(Aaron Willett) #42

This is the best.
I’m dying! :joy:

(Jill Schoedel) #43

My kind of picture:>) Love it!

**Jill SchoedelNetwork Systems AdministratorMetalworks Inc. / Fab-Lite902 East 4th St.Ludington, MI 49431USAwww.metalworks1.comEmail: jill@metalworks1.comTel. (231) 845-3148

(Brandon Anderson) #44

(Matthew Moreno) #45

Matthew Moreno

Geographic location:
Southern California

Company you work for and what they do
Rockwell Collins, Aerospace / Defense

What you do at your company
Hired as Group Financial Analyst…pushed to Epicor…should never have shown I could work a computer :slight_smile:

What version of Epicor you are on (put that in your profile too, it helps!)
10.1.600 --> 10.2

What technical level you are with regards to Epicor.
Average to moderately average leaning towards better than average.

Anything else you might think is interesting.
No matter how hard I try not to…I can still get my entire left foot in my mouth!

(Calvin Krusen) #46

We have a fellow in another office named Jose. But he’s Portugese, so it’s pronounced like “joe say”

(Matt Helfrey) #47

Matt Helfrey

Geographic location

Company you work for and what they do
Lester Building Systems - Manufacturer of Pre-Engineered Buildings –

What you do at your company
Business Analyst / Developer - Responsible for all things Epicor - BAQs, Dashboards, BPMs, Customizations, etc.

What version of Epicor you are on (put that in your profile too, it helps!) - 10.2.200.xx in 2 weeks

What technical level you are with regards to Epicor.
Went LIVE 1.5 years ago and still learning every day

(Pedro Marques) #48

It is definitely not pronounced like that in portuguese. That’s the anglicized version.

(Calvin Krusen) #49

I didn’t mean to imply that was the Portuguese pronunciation. But that’s what he said to call him. Actually more like “Joe’s”, and definitely not “ho-ZAY”

(Pedro Marques) #50

Probably says that because most people would not be able to understand it otherwise. I’ve been through that.

(Haso Keric) #51

Don’t feel bad @josecgomez , I have nee called Ashoe and Heyso =)

(Ken Nash) #52

So it is more like Ha So? just don’t want to owe you money if I ever meet ya in real life.

(Jose C Gomez) #53

I wonder if they were trying to call you something else :smile:lol

(Kevin Simon) #54

Kevin Simon

Geographic location
Fort Wayne, IN (Indiana but less than hour from Michigan and Ohio)

Company you work for and what they do
SimsTrak Consulting (that’s me), full time Epicor consulting/customization

What you do at your company
About 50% of my work is upgrade/implementation; the rest is project work, usually adding functionality to Epicor through their various tools.

What version of Epicor you are on (put that in your profile too, it helps!)
Fluent in Vantage 8.03 through Epicor 10.2

What technical level you are with regards to Epicor.
I’ve been doing this for a long time, know most areas of Epicor in depth, and am pretty handy with most of the tools.

Anything else you might think is interesting.
Been using Epicor since mid-2000’s. Led implementation of the 2nd production install of Vantage 8.0 - for those of you who were around then you know how buggy/slow that version was. Lost the rest of my hair and most of my sanity then.

Started my own consulting business in 2010, been doing Epicor consulting/customizations full time since then (18K+ hours). I don’t have any employees as I’m pretty particular about my work.

I got remarried two years ago. I have six children and five step-children. At one point, we had seven (count 'em, seven) teenagers in the home. Any sanity I had left is now completely gone.

(Sue Nielsen) #55

Sue Nielsen

Geographic Location
Hastings, NE

Company you work for and what they do
Hastings Irrigation Pipe Company. Family owned business that designs, manufactures, and distributes light metal products. We have manufacturing plants in Hastings, NE and Madera, CA (multi-plant). Hastings Transportation is an additional entity (multi-company).

What you do at your company
ERP Specialist (I believe my official title is still COBOL programmer…sigh). I’m also the network guy’s backup, so I’ve picked up some networking basics along the way.

Epicor Version

What technical level you are with regards to Epicor
I take care of everything Epicor; customizations, dashboards, reports, BPMs, Data Directives, etc. I implemented Vantage 8.03.400 in 2008, upgraded to 9.05.701 in 2013 and have learned most areas we’re using (and some we’re not!). I use ABL and C#. I’ve managed to plug a number of holes and workaround “bugs”. I’d say our Epicor is pretty heavily customized. I research new/unused areas of Epicor and badger people to use them.

Anything else you might think is interesting
I’ve been married almost 38 years. We have one daughter and two grandchildren. I like to read, bowl, flower garden, “mall walk”, and spend time with family and friends. I’m looking forward to retiring, buying an RV and traveling! :grinning:

(Tim Shoemaker) #56

Jeopardy style riddle:

Cars for 500:
Answer: “Hey, look at that S-Car go!”

Question: “What do you say when you see a Snail driving a fancy sports car with a big ‘S’ painted on the side?”

(Kristine Fierce) #57

Kristine Fierce

Geographic location
Ames, Iowa Also locations using Epicor in Australia, Netherlands and Brazil. Brazil is not using Epicor at this time.

Company you work for and what they do
Ag Leader Technology. We make high quality, innovative tools for the precision agriculture market. We produce electronic displays (think rugged i-pads), cables, electronic steering, seed monitoring equipment, Hydraulic Downforce system to name a few.

What you do at your company
Business Systems Analyst – anything related to Epicor I guess. Except I am very fortunate that our company has two developers that takes care of BPMs, BAQ/Dashboards (I make them on and off) and customizations (why not leave the coding to the ones who like it better than me). I get involved in most requests and changes to anything in Epicor and acts sometime as a liaison between the business and IT to make sure one department don’t want to do something that is going to cause extra work for another. Always attempting to heighten knowledge of how Epicor works to our uses so they better understand how everyone plays a role and what they do or NOT do will affect someone else.

I know a little bit or maybe a little more about a lot in Epicor. Setup, process and procedure review and new company implementations. I burn for testing and some may say I have a pretty high standard of what I would like see tested during upgrades or implementations.

Epicor Version (as of this weekend). On premise, multi company, multi-currency and multi plant.
Our company use the following 3rd Party add on products – AvaTax, Manifest, Service Connect, StoreFront, XL Connect, Forecast Pro, DocStar

What technical level you are with regards to Epicor.
I am guessing Intermediate level.

Anything else you might think is interesting.
I am fluent in Norwegian. Married with 2 kids. Would pick reading a good book any day, watching my kids participate in sports. Pretty sure I can’t find a mountain in Iowa to resemble Norway however nothing like seeing corn grow everywhere :):sweat_smile:

(Carlos Quintanilla) #58

Carlos Quintanilla

Geographic location
Brussels, Belgium

Company you work for and what they do
Platinum Services Europe
Epicor VAR since 1996, one of the first three international VAR’s of Epicor.
Sales, functional and technical consultancy, development (software localization) and support.

What you do at your company
Epicor Certified Technical Consultant.
Epicor ERP installations, customizations, interfaces and technical support.

Epicor Version
Epicor 9.05 and 10.x

What technical level you are with regards to Epicor.

Anything else you might think is interesting.
I’m native mexican, naturalized belgian. Married, 2 kids. I like travelling, reading, black metal \m/ and taking moocs.
I speak spanish, english and french. Now learning dutch at self-paced.
Interested in programming languages, specially those running on the CLR and JVM. I used to blog about them here
I share news about programming languages and tech stuff at
More info here

(Ned Cleary) #59
  • Name: Ned
  • Geographic location: Boston
  • Company you work for and what they do: Artisan Industries
  • What you do at your company: Director of IT, former Epicor Employee and long time consultant
  • What version of Epicor you are on (put that in your profile too, it helps!): 8.03.410 and about to do a new implementation to get to 10.2
  • What technical level you are with regards to Epicor: Technical/Admin Expert, Medium level on application usage.
  • Anything else you might think is interesting: I have been to all 48 Continental US States, majority of them on a solo motorcycle trip from Boston to Laguna Beach to Boston. Also love our National Parks and photography.

I know a lot of you, but good to be back after being out of the Epicor world completely for about 18 months where I was running a small 1 man business that had nothing to do with computers and then spent a year on the road every single day in a new city M-F doing installation, implementation and training on the admin and usage of the MS Surface Hub which is a “wicked” cool piece of technology.

(Nicholas Whitall) #60

Who are you?
Hi my name is Nick Whitall.
I am from Newcastle Australia Gday Mate

Who do you work for!
I work for BISCIT and we are an Epicor Partner. I am part of the development team at BISCIT.

What do you do?
Build / Integrate / Deploy hybrid mobile applications.

Epicor Expertise?
Medium? (I work with certified Epicor Consultants whom I query regularly for knowledge)
My focus is on the REST API and how this can be used to build mobile applications.

Versions of Epicor
10.1.500 / 600 and 10.2 + (Any version that is REST enabled)

I started coding and tinkering with computers in high school and found an interest in it. When midway through an civil engineering degree I realised that I hated Physics, I jumped ship to a degree in software design and development and have never looked back.

When not working I enjoy sports, travelling, family and on occasion sneaking down to the pub to have a cold schooner with mates. :wink: