Integrating Epicor REST API: Microsoft Outlook and Excel


(Brad Fraser) #1

I just finished presenting at the RUG CUP at Insights 2018. Here are the slides. I’d be happy to share portions of the code if anyone is interested.

RUG Presentation Brad Fraser.pdf (677.6 KB)

(John Mitchell) #2

I would definitely be interested in seeing the code. Thanks so much

(Norman Hutchins) #3

What @John_Mitchell said!

(Nathan Woolen) #4

@bfraseraepl I’d like to see whatever you are willing to share for the code that drives your examples in both Excel and Outlook.

(Brad Fraser) #5

Just getting caught up on a few projects then I will definitely publish. Is there a preference for format? Would anyone be interested in contributing to a GitHub project with me on it?

(Mark Wonsil) #6

I would love to see an E10Help GitHub but short of that, each person sharing theirs would work.

@jgiese.wci @josecgomez

(Mike Watkinson) #7

@bfraseraepl Did you end up publishing this?

(Mike Gross) #8

Also interested @bfraseraepl now that we’ve signed on to O365!

(Brad Fraser) #9

I have not. I still plan to publish sometime this calendar year. Thanks for the interest.

(Paul Siebers) #10

Me too!