ICE Tools Feature Request

(Joshua Giese) #1

I’ve got a sweet, super simple feature request for Customization Mode of a screen that would make life just that little bit easier especially when you are doing a lot of rearranging. Who should I send it to?

It’s super cool…

Wizards > Native Control References
Select a native control on the screen and have it auto generate these lines in the script body, example

private Erp.UI.App.CustomerEntry.ContactDetailPanel contactDetailPanel1;

public void InitializeCustomCode()
	// Begin Wizard Added Custom Method Calls
	this.contactDetailPanel1 = ((Erp.UI.App.CustomerEntry.ContactDetailPanel)csm.GetNativeControlReference("9e680e84-d936-4aab-b8e7-f8460db2eaba"));

public void DestroyCustomCode()
	this.contactDetailPanel1 = null;

Nothing more nothing less.

@Bart_Elia @aidacra

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #2

There is definite agreement that this would be a valuable addition to the product!

One of our internal resources commented

“I needed this yesterday…”

We’re on it @jgiese.wci, thank you for the suggestion!

(Chris Conn) #3

Despite this being a tool feature request thread… i shall refrain from filling it up :smiley:

(Joshua Giese) #4

That’s right hijack your own shiz

(Joshua Giese) #5

I would like to point out this still isn’t in 300.2 LOL