How to determine the "picking" bin

(Kevin Simon) #1

I’ve got a setup where I’ve got multiple companies and multiple plants. Pretty much across the board, we have a bin called “PICK” that is our picking bin for creating packs. We are using the Fulfillment Workbench (FWB), pulling up orders that are ready to be fulfilled, and then from the actions menu, “Reserve and Release for PIcking”. That’s generating a Material Queue transaction from the part’s primary bin (assuming there’s inventory there) to the PICK bin in the warehouse.

I thought it was getting the PICK bin from the Plant Configuration Control. The Modules -> Inventory Mgmt -> General _ Detail tabb has the default warehouse/bin set to our finished goods warehouse, PICK bin. However, when I am generating a pick through the FWB, the material queue record is setting the “to bin” to the "A bin, not the “PICK” bin. “A” is our first bin alphabetically, so it’s obviously not trying to set it anywhere and just grabbing the first bin.

Other information:

  • we are on 9.05.700c
  • I have another company that we’re shipping out of multiple plants and I’m grabbing the PICK bin.
  • In this company, we have another plant that is shipping out of the PICK bin. This is the first time we’ve tried shipping out of this plant.
  • I checked Company Configuration, that also has the default shipping bin as PICK. This is not the default plant, so it shouldn’t be looking here anyway.

I’m sure I’m missing something, but I’m pulling my hair out (well, I would if I had it) trying to figure out what it is.


Kevin Simon
SimsTrak Consulting, LLC