How to add column to Fulfillment Workbench


(Scott Mason) #1

Is there a way to add columns to fulfillment workbench for orders? My users want to see OrderHed.EntryPerson on the grid.

The OrderHed.EntryPerson does not appear in the personalization collection on this screen.

(Toby Lai) #2

The reason for the OrderHed.EntryPerson is not in the list is because the grid is displaying OrderRelease.

I think you can try to create a UD field in the OrderRel Table. But it needs to keep up to date on Entry person changes.

(Carlos Quintanilla) #3

Hi Scott,
Considering this is for displaying purposes only, you can add a Post BPM Method Directive on the method called to fill this grid, and replace the value of one of the columns you don’t need, with the value you really need, in this case, OrderHed.EntryPerson.
Or even better, you can just concatenate the EntryPerson at the beginning or end of one of the fields if you do not want to replace something, for example: Description = EntryPerson + ", " + Description.
That will do the trick.


(Al) #4

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