Get Contacts associated with a customer in C#?


(Dan Flood) #1

Hi - I am trying to figure out how to gather customer contacts for a given customer ID in C#. I’ve added the BO and IF customer DLL files but I am not sure where to go from there?

basically all i have its

 var d = new Customer(epiSession.ConnectionPool);
 var test= d.GetByCustID("13017",false);

(Theodore Koch) #2

There is a CustCnt BO you can use.

(Dan Flood) #3

Aha! Thank you! I didn’t realize Cnt was Contact :smiley:

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(Jim Lutz) #4

I hate to imagine what you thought it was lol

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(Dan Flood) #6

I missed your reply I just became a regular reader. Here to belatedly LOL :smiley: