General Leadger import (copy/paste) in Vantage 8.03

(Cathy Henricks) #1

I just recently started a new position with a company that has Epicor Vantage 8.03 and we are currently make large G/J entries. It has been brought to my attention that this can be done by a copy and paste into the G/L but everything I have done so far hasn’t worked. Does anyone by chance has instructions for this? I don’t want to spend the money to contact Epicor as we will be upgrading to 10 soon and this function will most likely change.

Thank you for your help in advance.

(Josh Owings) #2

How are you trying to do it now? It gets easier in 10 I would think but probably similar to what you are doing now. We do this with a copy and paste in General Journal entry.

(Calvin Krusen) #3

Some real quick (and by no means complete) pointers on copy and paste:

  1. Re-order the columns on the from to put the most important (i.e. required) ones first. Right click and select Save layouts so they are in th same order next time.
  2. Copy the grid to excel to see the order the columns need to be in.
  3. You may not need to populate all the columns of every row. So only selct the columns need in your source excel file. Here’s all I needed to populate the GL Journal Entry

to get

  1. Some grids have dropdowns showing the Description, while the underlying value used is the code. For example A grid with the ProdGroup dropdown that displays the Description, needs to gave the ProdGroup Code in the clipboard.
  2. Know the difference between Paste Insert, and Paste Update.
  3. Some tables will auto resequnce after a row is pasted. Dont do Paste Update with multiple rows!

(Cathy Henricks) #4

The error code I continue to get when attempting this is “GLDEPT is mandatory”. Any Ideas? I have then entire G/L code under G/L account.

(Calvin Krusen) #5

I assume you’ve made the group, and added a new Journal.

The values you are using in the GL Account are exact matches for the format the company uses, and the GL accounts are active?

A far fetched thing, but make sure the source data is Text. I could see entering acct 2237-01-01 into excel, and Excel interpreting it as a date (Jan 1, 2237). Then when it’s copied to the clipboard, it tries to paste the value 123089 (the excel date equivalent of 1/1/2237)
Select the column in excel that has the GL account, and set the type to Text

(Cathy Henricks) #6

I have made a group, and new journal and a new line.

I did verify that I have it on text and got the same error code.

How do you copy the grid. I created a new spreadsheet that is in the same layout maybe that is my issue.

(Cathy Henricks) #7


(Cathy Henricks) #8

I tried with and without the code filled in

(Josh Owings) #9

You should be able to right click in the grid and select copy to Excel if it is available.

(Calvin Krusen) #10

first clear that incomplete line by selecting it and deleteing it.

Whoops… I just remembered that V8 doesn’t copy the column headings. But you could copy a populated one by right clicking in the grid and selecting copy all.

Just so we’re clear… When using Paste Insert, you don’t need to make the first row. Just right click in the grid area, and select Paste Insert.


Try just copying and pasting just one row. Don’t select the whole row in Excel, just the first few columns. Like:

Try pasting that into a word doc (use Ctrl+Shift+V and select Unformated text), and turn the show characters on. (the Paragraph symbol)

I highlighted the values that will be pasted (2 of them are blank)


(Calvin Krusen) #11

Are you on Vista or Vantage? Because your GL Accts only show 2 segments (which I’m guessing are Chart and Division)

(Cathy Henricks) #12

OMG I got it, thank you so much. You just saved me hours a month and being short staffed that is huge. BTW we are on Vantage.

(Calvin Krusen) #13

What was it?

(my next suggestion was going to be to create a Journal Entry manually (using the Detail tab), and then look at the resulting List tab.

(Cathy Henricks) #14

I was starting a line but you have to not start the line, click on the header “line” and paste. Also, the GL under code was not a valid reference. I had to remove that.

(Josh Owings) #15

Glad we could help! That’s what this forum is all about! Great job Calvin as well. You did more work that me for sure on this one. Have a great day everyone!