Epicor Error Parameter is not valid

(Ken Nash) #1

A user is getting a new error that I haven’t seen before.

Anyone see this error?

From user

What I’m experiencing now is that Epicor is constantly getting hung up. It’s closed down on me 3 times in the last 40 minutes. All I’m doing is the same thing that I was doing before. Opening a dashboard, pulling it into excel. The other thing that I’m doing is right click-open with part entry so that I can update records right away.

(Theodore Koch) #2

Clear cache?

(Nathan Woolen) #3

We see this all the time with either large image file or corrupt images
using the Image Viewer. Usually changing the image is all it takes.


(Ken Nash) #4

Think a clear cache and restarting IIS on the App Server did the trick.

(Haso Keric) #5

We get it when trying to Export a BAQ Query to Excel.

(jayaprakash prabhakaran) #6

i usually restart PC… and the error will magically go away…