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(Anthony Smith) #1

Continuing the discussion from DoD ratings Blank Title 116441:

We are trying to trace a Department of defense rating from Sales order to PO. We are set to make to stock. Is there anyone that has done this or is it even possible?



(Andris Skulte) #2

As make to stock, you’ll lose the connection to the SO that contains the DoD contract number and requirements. MRP will create demand for the shortage, but not specific to one SO, so theoretically they could change for each SO (if you make more qty than is ordered).

You could create a UD field on the Job that’s tracked like lot information, have a BPM populate it, and then have it available for your inventory and shipments.

Or make to job, and inventory the excess. Priority won’t matter if you have parts on hand (I’d assume), even if it is a DX. I’ve never had an auditor question contract numbers for parts shipped from stock for some reason…

(Greg Payne) #3

We did finally get all of our flow downs working in E9. We have not moved to E10, but it will be much the same process. We flow reach, rohs, itar, buy america, dfar, dpas, faa and c-tap.

In POSugg.GetRowsPlant I assign the jobs that are creating the demand using partdtl. If the quantity is not all rated, then another suggestion is made only for the rated quantity.

In POSugg.Generate pre-processing buyerid, vendor, rating, contract, quantity, release date into a UD table.

I set a checkbox to mark a PO as processed. In POSugg.Generate post-processing all POs not marked as processed for the current buyer are matched again the UD table and the ratings transferred.

The E9 bpms are in this post.

Greg Payne

(Andrew Fagan) #4

I’ve done this several times, and our approach is similar to Greg’s. It’s
sophisticated, but works.

Andrew Fagan