DMT import of job orders in to Epicor 10

(Jeffrey Henslee) #1

Does anyone remember if you have to do the imports of the Job Materials “by the plant” of the job order? Meaning to I have to separate out the job orders into separate files by plant and then change the default plant of the user I’m logged in as, re-log into the DMT and THEN run the imports for the (new) default plant?

Reason is I’m seeing a lot of errors like:

Table: JobMtl Msg: Warehouse should be blank agaist the Site where the Part was not set up.

or should I just try this without the warehouse field and let it default from the part plant record? I’m thinking this might be the problem or it is a totally bogus error. I spot checked a couple of the errors and they are set up for the partplant that is being referenced in the job mtl dump.

Just seems weird. Thoughts? memories (bad or good)

right now we’re looking at 20+ hours just to convert our open jobs This is NASTY!!

Thank you!

(Ernie Lowell) #2

If you’re using the DMT to upload jobs, and you DON’T specify a Plant in the upload record, it will default to the current plant. If the production part number in that record does not exist in the current plant, you will get one of several different errors (mostly depending on the order of the columns in your upload file). If you DO have a Plant in the upload record, then check that column sequence… look at the Template Builder and follow that sequence for columns. For Job Header it’s Company, JobClosed, ClosedDate, etc… if you don’t have any data for a particular field you can delete it, but stay in that sequence and see if it solves the issue.

(Ernie Lowell) #3

Just re-read your message, and in the Job Material template the Plant column is WAY down the list, but it is there. In this case it probably refers to the plant of the Material part number and NOT the plant of the production part number… but that’s just a guess.

(Jeffrey Henslee) #4

In our environment, they are one and the same. We do not cross produce plants in a single job order.

(Greg Payne) #5

How many sessions are you planning on running? I did 6 and still maintained 65 rpm on job materials and operations.

(Jeffrey Henslee) #6

I had issues when I split them (using the DMT split function) - ran into record held by another user - stuff like that.

I ended up breaking down the input files by plant and running them that way - worked much better.

With almost 50,000 open job operation records - I’ll be spending most of my weekend updating jobs (Ran almost 14 hours) :slight_smile:

(Greg Payne) #7

Are there any jobs far enough out or stable that you could preload during the week?