DMT a list of Calendar Exceptions into the Production Calendar


(Mike Gross) #1

Reference this question

Looks like we just need a small add-on for DMT to allow us to upload all of our Holidays, special event days, and altered work schedule days into Erp.ProdCalDay rather than spending a few hours doing it all by hand via the UI.

(Andrew Murdock) #2

I’ll vote for this as well!

Until the feature is added you can use a UBAQ and dashboard to mass update the calendar. We paste insert a list from excel when we need to update the calendar.


(Mike Gross) #3

Andrew - true, updateable BAQs solve a lot problems!

(Andris Skulte) #4

Good idea!

I just emailed this request to the DMT team (Leave Us Feedback) button on the DMT Home screen…


(Mike Gross) #5

Forgot about that!! Thanks Andris

(Andris Skulte) #6

Maybe they’ll be snappy and this could be the first feature request that’s marked complete :slight_smile:

(Rick Bird) #7

What URL did you find the Leave Us Feedback button? I am not finding it.

(Andris Skulte) #8

Clicking on the link (bottom of DMT Home tab) kicks out an email to

(Rick Bird) #9

Thanks @askulte I was looking on their website.
I sent my request as well.

(Mark Damen) #10

When Arthur Cole internally “owned” the product, I requested a couple of new menu items and they got put into the product very quickly.

Posted AP Invoice Update is one of the ones that I lay claim to :slight_smile: