Default Search Page Size Setting

(Brandon ) #1

Version: 10.1.600.16

Other then updating the .mfgsys config files 'DefaultSearchPageSize value=“100” parameter is there a way to do this system wide? Or perhaps a setting in Epicor itself to change this? Seems kind of cumbersome to have to go around and update the individual clients config files for this.


(Mark Damen) #2

If you update the .sysconfig file on the server deployment folder, then the clients should detect a change and pull down the update. There are many posts before describing this, look for one by @aidacra

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #3

If you open a Support case on this, I will submit it to development as an enhancement request to move everything out of the sysconfig to the user record that is possible.

(Brandon ) #4

my one concern with this request is the hit performance may take if everyone’s searches are returning 1000 rows. anyone have any input on that aspect of it?