CustSt RDD different fields in copy

(Sam Khayatt) #1

Running E 10.1.500

We are about to upgrade to 10.2 and I am checking all the reports… Came across something really odd, though I don’t know if it impacts us at the moment, since all the fields in question are excluded.

We have an RDD, CustStNew, which is a duplicate of CustSt (or so the system says).

In order to verify the differences, I am using the Ice.RptExclude table to compare CustSt with CustStNew. I found 24 fields from the Company table that are in CustSt, but not in CustStNew. I also found 26 fields from the Customer and InvcHead tables in CustStNew that are not in CustSt.

If CustStNew is a duplicate of CustSt, how can fields be in one and not the other?

CustStNew was created by someone no longer here and was not well-documented, so I don’t know what may have been done, but it seems odd that fields can just disappear.

And… I am not talking about whether or not the column (or label) is excluded; these are fields on one list and missing from the other.

Is there any way to figure out what may have happened?


(tyler fenwick) #2

Have you compared the RDD (Report Data Definition) from the original Report to the custom one? Also you can remove fields/modify the dataset expressions for reports, its possible they removed fields deemed not worthy to keep. I did the same for my job travelers.

(Sam Khayatt) #3

I did compare the two RDDs; that’s where I found the difference. I know that we can exclude or not fields, but didn’t know you could actually remove them.

I am very new to the report piece and just trying to understand (and document) the reports so that if we upgrade again, it will be easier to know what to look for.


(tyler fenwick) #4

Below is a query that will return custom report styles, should help with documenting how many custom reports you have.

select reportID, PrintProgram, rptDefID, StyleNum from ice.ReportStyle where StyleNum > 1000

(Sam Khayatt) #5