Customization setinventoryQtyAdj

(Jose Fernandez) #1

Good Morning,

i have a snippet of code am converting from Vantage to E10 in a customization. The new adapter requires a parameter for partTranPKs

Argument not specified for parameter ‘partTranPKs’ of ‘Public Sub SetInventoryQtyAdj(ds As Erp.BO.InventoryQtyAdjDataSet, ByRef partTranPKs As String)’.

Not sure what variable i can put for this field. Any guidance?

            invAdjDS.InventoryQtyAdj(0).AdjustQuantity = nedEpiCustom2.Text
            invAdjDS.InventoryQtyAdj(0).ReasonCodeDescription="FG CONVERSION-CA"
            invAdjDS.InventoryQtyAdj(0).BinNum = txtToBin.Text
            _qtyAdj.SetInventoryQtyAdj(invAdjDS, REQUIRES THE PARAMETER HERE)

Thank you!


(Jose C Gomez) #2

That’s an output parameter so you want an empty string passed by ref.

(Jose Fernandez) #3

thank you sir! Will try this out!

(Jose de Jesus Jacome Nieto) #4

how yo resolved this???

(Chris Conn) #5

In c# its like
string partTranPKs = “”;
Erp.BO.InventoryQtyAdjDataSet ds <—your ds that already exists with data…
SetInventoryQtyAdj(ds, out partTranPKs);

(Jose Fernandez) #6

I just hard coded an empty string.

_qtyAdj.SetInventoryQtyAdj(invAdjDS, REQUIRES THE PARAMETER HERE)