Customer Shipment Entry

(William) #1

I have been asked to verify, so figured I’d ask the best group I know of. So, if we were to completely eliminate Manifest, would we still be able to sue Customer Shipment Entry if need be to mark shipments as shipped?

We are considering a more encompassing approach to our shipping than Manifest currently has. If we go this route some of our packages would need to be manually “shipped” from Customer Shipment Entry. So this functionality needs to still be present.

(Brad Boes) #2


(Ernie Lowell) #3

Yes, you can manually mark shipments without Manifest. There are LOTS of companies that do it that way.

(Charlie Smith) #4

I actually created an Updateable dashboard that shipping could use to scan tracking barcodes and mark as shipped.

(William) #5

Thanks for the verification! I knew it was that way, but my GM wanted some extra assurance.