Cust X Ref switch

(Brad Boes) #1

I would like to see a Customer Master checkbox to deactivate the Customer X-Reference linking in the order entry screen. I have worked with several clients to deactivate this with BPM’s.

Would like to activate/deactivate this order entry feature by customer.

The scenario is that Engineering is setting up the approved customer part cross references and not customer service/order entry folks.

(Al) #2

could you screen shot the UI where you want to stop that? and what is your criteria i.e. at what conditions?

(Brad Boes) #3

Sure thing. I am requesting a customer master switch to block the auto linking that happens if something is typed into this field. Customer Part Cross References could still be setup, but would need to be done using the Customer Cross Reference program.

(Al) #4

so, you want to apply security on this field, to stop users from adding any value to it, or you want Epicor Base BPM not to add it to the Jobs/P.O. orders when created ?

(Brad Boes) #5

I have had a BPM solution built to do this at multiple clients. I was requesting this as a new feature for Epicor to add the option for.

(Al) #6

ahhha…sorry i thought that you are asking for solution ideas, however if you succeeded to stop Epicor Base BPM (not field security option), then i am very keen to see your solution if you do not mind sharing it.

(Brad Boes) #7

Sorry, it is a client item, not my own.