Crystal reports...slow on intitial load for a particular report

(system) #1

When I do my first crystal report it generates the following file RPTCONMGRCACHE and it hangs around until the report finally is displayed. BUT while I’m waiting for the first report to finally show I can click on the preview again and it shows JUST the rpt file and no file type RPTCONMGRCACHE AND displays before the second one before the first is done? On the second one there is absolutely no hesitation and it pops right up.  The file size is 23kb….peanuts. Any ideas of why it is so slow. Epicor told me it could be anti virus scanning the temp folder which I was so I turned that off to no avail. Then they told me it could be a work station setting on the company....tried all those different settings and it didn't have any they told me to post it here. Any ideas?