"Critique My Code" Category?

(Aaron Willett) #1

Would there be any interest in a “Critique my Code” category?
The intention being that you have code that already works, you’re not looking for help debugging it, but looking for comments on the way it’s written?

I can write most of what I need and it works, but I may not be doing things in the best or most efficient way. I don’t know what I don’t know and there’s no one saying “Hey, you could do this” because the code never gets posted anywhere because it works.

Thought it might be an opportunity for individuals such as myself to improve their coding ability.
It could also benefit new comers by gleaning some best practices off of the feedback from others.


(Mark Wonsil) #2

LOVE the idea Aaron. In addition to critiquing coding standards/practices but I’ve always wanted to create a “point” system for a solution that considers:

  • Does it mix business processes with the UI?
  • Does it access the database directly?
  • Does it bypass security rules?
  • Does it limit dependencies to reduce work at upgrades?

and other items that others might think of. Call it, Epicor Design Patterns if you will.

Mark W.

(Brandon Anderson) #3

It could also be where people like me, who do not know how to code can look at existing examples and learn new things, as well as ask questions about why stuff is the way it is.

(Aaron Moreng) #4

I love coming to this site to not only help others if I can but also to learn from the experts, so I think it’s a great idea.

(Rob Bucek) #5
  • I think we should add a new Category specifically for peer code review.
  • I think posting peer code reviews in existing categories is sufficient.

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(Rob Bucek) pinned #6

(Randy Stulce) #7

Exactly! I can hack something together but never had formal training on C#

(Aaron Moreng) #8

Additionally, I think it helps to separate some of the application specific questions from more of the technical, making it more organized.

(Mark Wonsil) #9

You know. The more I think about it, at least related to code, I’m wondering if Epicor is going to have a github, maybe E10Help should get one too. Keep the code critiques here but we can document “best practices” and store code examples there. There’s good Wiki support there too. Just a thought…

Mark W.

(Brandon Anderson) #10

All of this is kind of what the experts corner is… Best practice idea distribution. It doesn’t necessarily have to limited to code to learn best practices, although code/no code is a good way to differentiate technical levels.

(Greg Payne) #11

I would rather see a beginners corner with some basic building blocks for a new person to Epicor.

(Rob Bucek) #12

all keep in mind real estate is valuable we don’t want to end up with 300 specialized topics! Choose wisely my friends!


(Aaron Willett) #13

Is it possible to get it up and running and then, down the road, if we find it’s growing too much or not utilized to make it read only? If it’s growing too much, maybe we can source a different platform that’s specific to that purpose. Then you can have a sole topic here and people can reply with links to the new platform where comments can be made.
Just brainstorming…

Also, in an end of the world scenario, toilet paper becomes anal gold. You’ll miss it far more than milk or bread!

(Rob Bucek) #14

lol words of wisdom! That may not be too far off with the crazies leading nuclear powered nations these days.

That’s why i put the poll in place for the notion of Peer Code Review, to gather a general consensus… I plan to leave it out there for a week or so and then we can make a decision.

(Andrew Saldivar) #15

Love it! As has been suggested, many of us non-professional coders have been able to cobble together solutions necessary to keep the business running hoping to, one day, go back and ‘do it properly’. There’s a lot of promise in this new category and I think it’ll be an active one.

While I have the conch, @Aaron_Moreng, you raise an interesting point re: Application vs. Coding. There’s also a ton of config and optimization issues/challenges/possibilities that could be explored in a future category (Not suggesting it for now @rbucek), just maximizing the return on my $.02.

(John Mitchell) #16

I would love to see an E10Help GitHub repo we can browse and keep things!

(Aaron Willett) #17

What do you think, @rbucek? Give it a shot?

(Rob Bucek) #18

I think it looks fairly well received, we’ll work on getting something up for it.

(Jose C Gomez) #19

Based on feedback this is now live. Enjoy!
Please be kind to one another and do not use this category to post questions. Questions should continue to go under the appropriate headings. This new category is solely for code review/ solution showcase

(Simon Hall) #20

Yes I too am an Accidental DBA/developer. I’m wondering how long it takes to become a real one :slight_smile: