Burden by Resource

(Cathy Henricks) #1

Does anyone know if Vantage 8 has a report that reports actual burden by resource?

Thank in advance.

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #2

I asked someone more knowledgeable than me, and they said possibly the Shop Load report or Resource Group Efficiency report.

Production Management>Job Management>Reports>open Resource Group Efficiency report

(Cathy Henricks) #3

Thank you for your response. I tried the Resource Group Efficiency Report but that does not give Burden. I’m running the shop load report now. I will let you know what I come up with .

(Cathy Henricks) #4

Just thought I’d follow up the load report doesn’t help either. I will keep trying. I can get the actual burden by job but not by resource. Many time we have an operator clocked into two resources and their time is cut in half to each resource. This make management believe that the machine didn’t run the full time. We want to be able to show exactly how much it ran.