BPM to block labor entry in T & E


(Carol Pelowski) #1

Is there a way to close a period and prevent any labor entries once a Cost Wip Capture is ran?
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(Charlie Smith) #2

Are you talking Manual Labor Entries? If you move the GL Earliest Apply Date, any manual entries for any time prior to that would not be allowed because it would violate the EAD.


(Carol Pelowski) #3


Yes I am referring to Manual Labor Entries that are done in Time & Expense.

What’s been happening is this:

We do our month end process and run a Capture Cost process and the labor hours are ported over to Open4 for payroll processing.

Come Monday morning a supervisor may realize he forgot to enter time for someone for vacation or whatever the case may be, so he goes in to T&E to enter that time. Epicor has a hard stop if you go into a date prior to posted date when you select “New time detail”.

I have put one in place if they select “New Time” first … because with this BPM in place it allows them to enter a new time and then a new time detail.

However, what we found has been happening is that say for example we post on the 30th of the month. An employee worked the previous week but was off on Thursday. The supervisor can come in on Monday and enter time for that Thursday because there had been nothing in there to post, so the post flag is not set for that date for that person.

Where is the GL Earliest Apply Date located?

I’ll check into that.



(Charlie Smith) #4

Earliest Apply Date – General Ledger – General Operations. Generally near the top of the menu.

(Carol Pelowski) #5

I found it Charlie … and actually Epicor responded to my ticket and said the Earliest Apply Date will not stop anyone from entering a New Time / New Time Detail once labor is posted.

Please advise if it will stop a transaction.

(Charlie Smith) #6

I am not sure. I would have to test it.

(Carol Pelowski) #7

Hi Charlie,

I did go in myself and test it. I used Production and Inventory and set a date and tried to enter a New time and a New time detail prior to the date I specified and it did enable a “hard stop”, so this will work. I am not sure what support used, but it worked for me. Now all I need to do is incorporate this into a BPM so that if a user belongs to a certain group, it will still allow them to enter a transaction.

Thank you for your help.

If you have any suggestions on a workable BPM, I would be happy to hear them. J

Thank you


(Carol Pelowski) #8


I tried this out in our test environment and used the Module/Transaction Type of “Inventory and Production” and set the Earliest Apply Date to: 06/30/2018. I then tried added a New Time and also a New Time Detail and there was a hard stop on both… which is great (thank you).

I do need to know what else is affected by this hard stop before we would actually put it into play. There is not a very good description to be found as to what this all affects. Can you please enlighten me somewhat before I approach our accounting / HR people and present this option to them.

Thank you so much for your help!


(Charlie Smith) #9

Using the EAD, you are prevented in creating a transaction where the apply date in that category is prior to the date.

If you want to post prior to the EAD, you have to change the date and then after the entry you can change the date back.

(Carol Pelowski) #10

Does the EAD only affect the Time and Expense module?

(Charlie Smith) #11


You have 2 tabs for the EAD. The Detail tab is used to control all transactions. The per module tab is used to control the transactions in the various modules.

As an example, you may want to cutoff all transactions for October 31 using the all transactions and cutoff your AR for November for November 30. Later you can cut off your Inventory or AP. Then when you have the month ties off, update the all transactions to Nov 30.