(Brandon Anderson) #1

Hey @John_Mitchell, I see that you’ve used Bezlio. We had a presentation from them yesterday and I’m about to start a trial period. I have the account set up, and a really basic bezl made, but I can’t figure out how to view it in mobile. How do they deploy the app to the device? The only thing I could figure out was how to share a link, but that’s just the same thing in a mobile web browser.

(John Mitchell) #2

They have private native apps in the App Store right now. I think you just have to reach out to them and they will add you in group. You can always bookmark the webpage on any device and it will just launch in a browser window.

(Brandon Anderson) #3

When you installed your remote data broker, do you have the e10 plugin installed and working? Did you install in on the same server as your e10 server? If you didn’t, did you have to make the E-10 servers C drive available to the other server?

(John Mitchell) #4

I believe that you need to install the data broker on the server that where the resource is. So for Epicor BO/REST it needs to be on the App Server, for SQL Scripts on the DB Server. You can then create multiple connections to the different brokers and each one will have a different token. This just means that you have to pick the correct Data Broker when you setup the subscription.