Backward Compatible BAQ exprt

(Brandon Anderson) #1

This probably isn’t something that is helpful outside of a community like this, but I figured I could throw this out there anyways. Currently BAQ’s can only go forward, which means if you are on a latest version it’s hard to help anyone else with an exported BAQ. Maybe limit it to only so many versions make (like the current 10 version or back on .1 number so 10.2 people could help 10.1 people etc)

I don’t know if it’s possible or not, but it would help the community of people who collaborate across versions. Or probably a better business reason is for companies where they have multiple facilities on different versions.

(Dmitry Kashulin) #2

I can reveal a secret. BAQ export file is a zip archive by its nature.
So you can change the extension of the file and open it with any Zip Archive Manager program. There is version text file inside. Just change the text in this file to desired version, save and repack the archive. Voila, you have backward compatible query export now.
I don’t guarantee this file will be accepted by BAQ import routine though.