Automation Possibilities in E10

(Mark Wonsil) #41

Understood. As more cloud users are added to the fold, you will hear more laments that the on-prem users can automate client installs while the cloud users have to go desk to desk and install through a GUI – which is counter-intuitive to the reason people migrate to the cloud. Right now, every new machine gets all software loaded by IT through automation and then it comes to me to install the Rich Client. Of course, this goes away with an all-web Kinetic client so I understand that you have to weigh the effort to simplify an installation process that may eventually go away.

(Mark Damen) #42

I’ve not done it myself yet so can’t vouch for how well it works - but you’re running AD, so you could deploy using Group Policies as well right?

(Mark Wonsil) #43

Mmmm, yes and no. You can’t run the installer in silent mode from anywhere for Cloud Users. You COULD copy a folder that was already installed but in this case you’re bypassing the installer entirely, which I guess is an option.

Mark W.

(Mark Damen) #44

Yeah I was thinking about pushing the folder using GP. I will give it a try myself, because I still have to revert to walking around to each workstation because I don’t give my users admin permissions.

(John Mitchell) #45

You are going to be able to run Windows 10 desktop and apps on Azure if you have an O365 Enterprise license. I’m curious on what the performance would be for the Epicor client. You can sign up for preview access here: