APM PDF Format

(John Dack) #1


Does anyone know if its possible to change how APM creates its PDF files?

It currently uses a tiff file to produce a PDF this is causing some of our customers issues as they use OCR to read incoming invoices and it cant cope with the single tiff image.

Just wondered if there’s a setting somewhere to change it to the standard PDF format…



(Bryan DeRuvo) #2

They changed this in 3.1, so from recent memory…

In 3.1 this is under the output manager on the recipient or assigned to the routing list on the Content tab.

In the older versions check under the recipient or routing list for content. Not sure why the default was never changed to PDF.


(John Dack) #3


Thanks for the reply looking at our system (we are on 3.0.39) I only see Adobe PDF(TIFF Only) option unless im missing something.


I may have to see if we can upgrade to 3.1



(Bryan DeRuvo) #4

3.1 is much improved.

(Paul Morgan) #5

Also be aware that DocLink is not supported by Epicor after Oct 2018.

(John Dack) #6

Hi Bryan,

Looking at this picture it appears that PDF is TIFF only in version 3.1 as well is that correct because we wont upgrade to this if its only going to do the same format as version 3.0.

Best Regards,


(Aaron Willett) #7

Might be a reason to move to SSRS and use Advanced Print Routing.
If I recall, APM just takes a tiff and puts it in a PDF wrapper, it doesn’t actually create a PDF.

(Bryan DeRuvo) #8

like @willetta said, APR is really the way to go.

much easier to deploy than APM.