(K White) #1

Looking for others in the Aerospace Industry. I love to ask a couple questions off line if possible.

Thanks Kim

(Gil Violette) #2

What are you curious about?

(K White) #3

If anyone else tracks Ship Sets.

(Bryan DeRuvo) #4


Are you trying to ensure the lines on an order ship together? And track through Epicor?

(K White) #5

They don’t always need to ship together but yes sounds like you are following me.

(Utah Taylor) #6

I also have a question about ship sets that involve multiple packages equating to one line item, any ideas?

(Mark Wagner) #7

Have you considered Phantom Packs? You can ship a line on a pack but break it down into individual packages on the Customer Shipment Entry screen

(Utah Taylor) #8

Our issue is that when we do that, the count of how many items are packed and have yet to be packed get lost. Will phantom packs allow us to count how many total items have been packed?

(Mark Wagner) #9

I haven’t it looked at it in awhile but once you create the phantom pack lines I believe there is a shipped checkbox or other field you can use to indicate which of the phantom lines have been loaded and which phantom pack lines you need to finish as kind of a checklist

(Utah Taylor) #10

That might work. I need to revisit that module.