Add quoteDtl programmically

(Vilasack Phothisan) #1

I am trying to add a quoteDtl programmatically. When I do an update I get this error:

The maximum number of characters allowed for Group is 8

I don’t see a “Group” field in the quotedtl object. What does this mean? What fields do I need to populate at minimum?

(Aaron Moreng) #2

Maybe post some code so we can see what you’re talking about

(Mike Watkinson) #3

Maybe your product group…QuoteDtl.ProdCode. Are you entering the description instead of the code?

(Haso Keric) #4

Are you adding this via a BPM or UI Customization?

(Chris Conn) #5

I’d tip my hat to Mike’s suggestion, but without the code like Aaron suggests, we dont have much to work on.

(Vilasack Phothisan) #6

Thanks for all the reply. It was a simple mistake on my part. I didn’t TRIM the string when I assigned it to the field. The extra white space caused it to go over the max limit.