Add a BAQ to the ShipVia

(William) #1

How do I add a BAQ search to this area?


(Jose C Gomez) #2

Write a BAQ that returns the Primary Key of the ShipVia Table ShipViaCode.

(William) #3

Does the BAQ just auto populate in that field, or do I have to tell it to show up there? If I have to tell it, how?

(William) #4

@josecgomez SO i have the query wrote returning the ShipViaCode, but I still lack how to put this so it shows up.

(Jose C Gomez) #5

It should just ShowUp… Go to the BAQ Like property in the BAQ and move the fields over to the right.

(William) #6

You are correct. I didn’t go to the BAQ Search tab and move it over. Thanks for pointing that out.