Feature Requests and Suggestions

BPM - Add "BodyIsHTML" option to The Send Email Action (2)
A system for requsting feature request NOT using a service ticket (1)
Create a Notification Service outside of the Epicor Core (1)
Triple Click = Select All (2)
Custom BPM Widget (14)
EpiUltraGrid - Re-arrange column layout in customization mode, not as personalization only (6)
The ability to customize search screens (5)
Add Custom Headers (for CallSettings) to the REST API Help site (3)
Allow company wide archive period to be Defaulted to something other than 0 (1)
Determine environment (Production vs Test) within BPM's, and DD's (2)
Separate the data from the programs (4)
Fix All Report Styles (.rdl) with Issues ( 2 ) (23)
Search and BPM and expression builder forms block selecting any other open forms (3)
Dashboard Tracker Checkbox - Allow Both option (7)
Results Dialog BPM Widget (3)
Provide a way to restore ERP Data Only (no Reports, Customizations, BAQ, Dashboards, BPMs etc) (3)
Make DMT part of Standard Product with extraction scripts (1)
Become More SOX / Publicly-Traded Friendly Compliant ERP System (1)
Make Object explorer easier to use (4)
Truly Global Options - instead of on a form by form basis (2)
Improve the Internationalization capabilities within Epicor (1)
Allow Edit a Post in Epicor Cases (4)
DMT GL Journal Combined - Errors can lead you up the garden path (3)
Direct SQL entry and editing in BAQ Designer ( 2 ) (33)
DMT a list of Calendar Exceptions into the Production Calendar (10)
Query parameters drop down type: Ability to use BO's (1)
Creating Tooling that can read trace files (1)
Global Shortcut Keys (1)
Consolidated Identity and streamline management interface (3)
Add ability to create User Profile Templates based on Department or Position (1)